Faces of Diversity

Boulder Labs Diversity Council


2nd Wednesday
of every month
10:00 am
DSRC 2A201

Monthly Observances


Leadership Workshop
Time: Thursday, February 4, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Place: DSRC GB124 (Outreach Classroom)
The Boulder Labs Diversity Council (BLDC) is sponsoring a half day leadership workshop entitled Leadership Goes to the Movies. Through the medium of movies, this engaging workshop led by Hal Pitt of Hal Pitt Seminars will teach you about leadership that is fun, entertaining and informative. Through this workshop you will learn the following: how to build credibility as a leader, the language of inspiration, what constitutes a "good" leader, how to live a life of integrity, how to become a self-aware leader, why flexible leadership is so important, how to be firm when you need to be firm, how to build team pride, how to get things done through others, the importance of empowerment, how to inspire others, the importance of resilience, why leaders make enemies, how to make a difference every day, how poor leadership harms employees, a leadership secret most don't know about and much, much more. See parts of the movies Braveheart, Crimson Tide, The Elephant Man, Lord of the Rings and more. For more information contact Susan Williams, 303-497-5721, or Connie Craig, 303-497-6147.

Black History Month Presentation
Time: Wednesday, February 10, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Place: DSRC GC402 (Multipurpose Room)
In commemoration of Black History Month, Blacks in Government (BIG) and the Boulder Labs Diversity Council (BLDC) are co-sponsoring a presentation by Glenda S. Robinson, a diversity advocate and civil rights activist. For those attending, a light lunch will be served immediately following the talk. For more information contact Debe Dailey-Fisher, 303-497-6893, or Georgia Madrid, 303-497-6732.