U.S. Department of Commerce Boulder Labs

NOC[Intranet - NOAA Employees]

Welcome to NOAA Boulder's Network Operations Center (NOC)
Linking Earth Research Systems Nationwide.

The Network Operations Center at NOAA-Boulder manages the flow of information which is so vital to NOAA's research. Within the building, NOC maintains a Master Data Facility (MDF) and a number of Intermediate Data Facilities (IDFs) which connect external fiber-optics to the internal NOAA network. Outside the building, NOCs work together to manage a network that links NOAA, NIST, and other Department of Commerce sites around the nation.

The NOC Intranet contains traffic analysis, administration info, training courses, building drawings, and more. To access the intranet, use the link at top left and enter your NEMS login (ex: john.t.doe@noaa.gov -> john.t.doe) and password. If you have any questions, please contact NOAA Boulder at 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO, or visit www.boulder.doc.gov/