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The DOC Boulder Laboratories campus is currently open for access to federal employees, associates and sponsored visitors.

Effective Monday, August 1, 2022, the CDC local COVID-19 community level is MEDIUM. The following COVID prevention measures are in effect:

1. Masks are recommended but not required, except when specifically required for those who are recovering from COVID, have tested positive for COVID, or following close contact with someone who has COVID.
2. The CDC recommends that those not up to date on vaccinations practice social distancing, especially those at higher risk of getting very sick with COVID-19.
3. All staff members and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, should practice proper hygiene, including hand washing and disinfecting touched surfaces.

Anyone coming onto campus must meet their Agency’s COVID symptom screening policy. Please contact your government agency sponsor for access requirements.
Community levels are evaluated weekly. When community levels change, this site will be updated to indicate the level and associated prevention measures.

Other Information

See options for unscheduled annual leave and telework

Information is also available via the telephone at:
1-303-497-4000 or 1-303-497-3000 (Option 2)

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